Going Easy

Hello guys!
So for my next post it  is more about the lazy days of people like me who really preferred to look good all the time! lol :) but really we do all have down times where we really feel like doing nothing or we're lacking of vigor to do something. So! here's my easy-lazy look that ensures comfort.

For the top I wore Tee Culture shirt with a much larger size than my body type which really allows me to move freely. I totally advice oversize garments when times you really feel so lazy. Why? since it would give you much comfort and freedom to freely move.

Next for my bottom I wore over-sized Levis jeans and take note this is not my own jeans!!! guess who owns it? ............... It's my moms jeans:) wahahahaha. Yeah!!! you read it right it was from my mom:) what I did since its quite to short for me I instantly folded it off twice to attain that above the ankle angle cut:) which makes me more taller  in personal.

For my footwear choice:) I choose a pair of Sperry Top-Sider   to give my toes a sweet treat :) letting my whole look as laid back as I can:) rather than choosing sneakers I personally prefer this. To project that easy kind of look:)

And lastly for the final touch I added some minimal accessories such my sling bag and blue cap:)

Easy school boy lazy look:)

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