School pants

It is been 5 years since I departed from the walls of my high school campus. Five years! Since the last time I wore a pair of my school pants. And snapping back to this year I am presently employed! And what! It still fits me well! And I can still use it with a belt. It means that I did grow tall but not fatter! ( urrrrgh! ). Either I more joyful since I was able to save money to purchase another pair of jeans or slocks. This one is definitely for keeps on my clothing wrack. 

Graduation Bash '16

Today I'll be sharing my fond memories as I attend my very first and last graduation bash:( Together with my two siblings at heart. (  From left ) Sheila and Emmanuel.

The event's theme was smart casual and the best way to dress up for a smart casual party is to dig up inspirations with late 90's vibe of  style. 
From top I had mustard-yellow turtle neck from ukay-ukay, Giordano  for the belt, chlorinated washed denim from Levi's  and Dexter shoes.
Hurray!!! for Vintage vibes!

Going Easy

Hello guys!
So for my next post it  is more about the lazy days of people like me who really preferred to look good all the time! lol :) but really we do all have down times where we really feel like doing nothing or we're lacking of vigor to do something. So! here's my easy-lazy look that ensures comfort.

For the top I wore Tee Culture shirt with a much larger size than my body type which really allows me to move freely. I totally advice oversize garments when times you really feel so lazy. Why? since it would give you much comfort and freedom to freely move.

Next for my bottom I wore over-sized Levis jeans and take note this is not my own jeans!!! guess who owns it? ............... It's my moms jeans:) wahahahaha. Yeah!!! you read it right it was from my mom:) what I did since its quite to short for me I instantly folded it off twice to attain that above the ankle angle cut:) which makes me more taller  in personal.

For my footwear choice:) I choose a pair of Sperry Top-Side…

Me with the bridge

Waaaaaaaaaaa! Okay let me scream from the top of my lungs guys!!! ( I'm kinda feeling of mixed emotions) My very first blog post as a blogger!!! The proof that I'm a already existing in the blogging world!
So! for my very first post:) - can't get enough of the newbie feeling:) lol I'll be sharing my first experience with the hanging bridge! Yeah! my very first!

                    Converse sweater ( thrifted)
Lee jeans/Lucky shoes high-cut (thrifted)/ cute monster bag (borrowed from a friend)So! there you have it my very first encounter with the hanging bridge:) Tune up for more:)